Not all Cars are Created Equal - Mustang and Camaro Exhaust Systems

Recently we found variances in some factory Mustang and Camaro systems – for any install requiring cutting of the factory exhaust, please read this!

As with any product, companies strive to build the best possible products when they are initially launched. But after a while, there may be running changes that cause the product to fit differently than the original build. From that standpoint, any aftermarket products, which connect to these vehicles, may also require changes.

Recently we noticed that our kits for the late model Camaro and Mustang require a slightly different connection point in comparison to our original instructions. Case in point, on the 2014-15 Camaro system, our instructions state that the installer make a cut 9.5-inches back of a specific point in the OE system. Recently we noted that the system actually could require the cut to be closer to 7-inches back of this point. This is not to state that the 9.5-inch measurement is always wrong, just that some systems require a 7-inch cut. For those who are unaware, you could end up having to weld in a piece of tubing to make up the difference. For our Legato Performance exhaust, which we proudly advertise as not requiring any welding, that’s a BIG problem.

So what’s the obvious fix? Measure twice and cut once. By holding the new Legato Performance system up against your current system you can determine where to make the cut. Remember that the original system and the Legato Performance exhaust need to overlap by at least two inches – three if possible. In that way you can slip one inside the other and connect them with the Legato Performance clamp.

One trick for 2015-16 Mustang kits

In addition to the above noted method to attain the right fitment, you can gain better perspective on late model Mustangs by dropping the full factory exhaust just back of the catalytic converters. A pair of clamps hold this section of pipe in place so by removing this connection you can pull down the entire system, catback to exhaust tip. In this manner, you will be more clearly able review where to make the cut and test fit the Legato Performance exhaust on the factory mid-pipe section right there on the floor. From here you can install the two pieces as one or reinstall the mid-pipe followed by the Legato Performance kit. Regardless, you will need to leave the connection clamp for the Legato portion of the exhaust somewhat loose to allow adjustment of the final tip position. In that procedure, nothing has changed.

Legato Performance strives to make our systems easy to install and durable to deliver years of excellent performance. When we discover challenges, we will quickly pass this information on to our customers. We are enthusiasts too with years of experience in automotive manufacturing – both personal and professional.

Remember to call our order/tech line should you have any questions concerning your system. We are here to help! Thanks for listening.

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