Materials Used

Why we use Stainless Steel vs Aluminized Steel

For years, the exhaust industry only offered systems made from aluminized steel, which was a great low cost way of transferring toxic exhaust gasses to the rear of the vehicle. But as cars and truck improved in quality, so did their exhaust systems. Today most vehicles come with a stainless steel exhaust – and most of the time it is 400-series stainless steel because it is durable, less prone to cracking over time from vibration and impacts that occur from road hazards. Rust through with aluminized steel can be a huge problem especially in climates where road salt comes on contact with the metal. With 400-series stainless, rust through is not a problem even though a light rust colored film will appear on the outside of the tubing and mufflers. Some high-end exhaust systems are offered in 304-series Stainless steel, which retains its silver covering longer than 409-series but can crack and leak if impacted. For that reason, we feel the best performing, most durable and overall best choice is 409-series Stainless steel for any performance exhaust system.