Ford F-150 Truck Exhaust System Options

Ford F-150 Truck Exhaust System Options

An “exact” science?

Everyone loves trucks – especially when you have to haul something around. But most trucks from the factory come with a very sedate exhaust tone. That’s because the manufacturers figure that none of these owners really want to hear their exhaust- unless they are driving a Raptor and those guys can’t get enough.

So let’s categorize the typical truck exhaust groups

Stock exhaust sound

These folks don't ever want to hear their exhaust. It's a nuisance and the have no time for that. None of those guys will ever read this blog so we wont spend any more time here. 

Wild in the Streets

For some hot rod truckers, the more sound the better. Drone be damned. For this enthusiast group, they are looking for the loudest truck exhaust possible. Many will simply cut off the muffler system and “straight pipe” the exhaust out the back. Some will even take out the catalytic converters and install a header system to generate the most sound, and power, possible. If they do need a muffler, they often opt for a 10-series, glass pack or racing muffler where there is nearly zero actual muffling going on. 

Performance Street Exhaust

Exhaust sound is VERY personal. What sounds great to one person, is either too loud or just sounds bad to another. But most folks are looking for a reasonable sound, without drone, so they can use their trucks on a daily basis. And we do mean use. A system for this group must not have any suspension interference and exit the exhaust fumes away from the cab of that truck. Having the option to have the exhaust exit to the sides of the truck behind the rear tires is a nice feature so that if they tow a trailer, the exhaust is not shot directly to the rear. Catalytic converters must be retained for legality for this group and a nice tone that can be heard yet does call the police to your side, well, that is the target.

Legato Performance offers exhaust for group #3. That is our audience and we feel that we hit the mark with perfection.

While retaining all emissions legality, we realize that a performance exhaust is important to our customers. We have created a system that can be installed on your Ford F-150 truck in about two hours. That proves the quality of our design and the care to make certain our systems fit and deliver a durable sound solution. Our exhaust is considerably louder than stock but will allow you to carry on a conversation in the cab or listen to your favorite music or news program without issue. As performance fans ourselves, we know what we like and think you will too.

We hope that our long list of online customer reviews about the final exhaust sound and the installation our products will help you make your purchase decision. Backed by our solid customer service, use of high quality stainless steel construction and years of experience in the exhaust business, we think we’ve done a good job.

For all you #3’s, we await your call.

We offer two exhaust models for the Ford F-150

2009-2014 Ford F-150 exhaust system (LEX4211)

2004-2008 Ford F-150 exhaust system (LEX4210)


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