1. What will I need to install a Legato Performance Exhaust system on my car or truck?

Legato Performance Exhaust systems come complete with everything you need to install the system on your vehicle including detailed instructions, tubing, mufflers and clamps. Our systems work with the factory hanger designs and will easily replace the stock system meaning you can install the complete system in your driveway using simple hand tools. In most cases, no cutting of the factory exhaust is required because the Legato kit connects to the factory exhaust where natural breaks occur. If no break is present, a hacksaw to cut the tubing and a metal file to dress any sharp edges should be used.


2. In addition to a better sounding exhaust note, what other benefits can I count on if I install a Legato Performance exhaust system?

Both our axle back and cat-back exhaust systems feature our unique muffler design that reduces engine backpressure and delivers our signature performance sound. Reducing backpressure also reduces engine-operating temperature while increasing engine efficiency. This ultimately generates slight increases in power, torque and mileage. While these increases are not huge, these are secondary benefits to the sound improvement. Its all topped off with a cool performance exhaust tip that says your vehicle is Legato exhaust-equipped.


3. My friend says that the mileage he experienced on his vehicle after installing a new performance exhaust initially dropped a bit but after about a two months he started to see a slight improvement in mileage. Can I expect the same from my Legato system?

It's a strange phenomenon but the quick answer is yes. Your friend’s experience is not uncommon. The fact is, since your vehicle will sound so much better with the Legato Exhaust, you will be dying to hear that cool sound – and as a result your driving style will be “less fuel conscious” for a time until you become used to the new normal. For the record, we don't advocate aggressive driving of any kind – even if it sounds great.


4. Will a performance exhaust system void my factory warranty?

No. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 states that an auto dealer or manufacturer cannot void your warranty coverage if you have installed non-OE parts. That is true in all cases unless it is found that the non-OE modification caused or contributed to the failure or some other part or vehicle operation.


5. Will my Legato Performance exhaust system be covered by a warranty?

Legato Performance Exhaust systems are covered by a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner on the original vehicle of installation. In addition, proof of purchase is required. Legato Performance Exhaust systems are made of heavy wall tubing that wont rust through – you can bank on it!


6. I was told that all true stainless steel exhaust systems are magnetic and the amount of magnetic attraction is a way to determine the quality of the stainless. Is this accurate?

No, that is a myth. Everybody knows steel is magnetic. But what may not be commonly known is that stainless steel, for the most part, is not magnetic. Neither is aluminum. So touching a magnet to an exhaust system to determine what it is made of doesn't always tell the story. The magnetic properties of stainless steel are varied and have nothing to do with the quality, performance or durability of the exhaust system. With 400-series stainless, the amount of nickel contained in the material will directly determine its magnetic abilities. With 300-series stainless, there is virtually no magnetic attraction. Don’t let anyone tell you that all true stainless is magnetic – don't be misled. All Legato Performance Exhaust Systems are 100 percent stainless steel.


7. What is the difference between stainless steel and aluminized steel?

For years, the exhaust industry only offered systems made from aluminized steel, which was a great low cost way of transferring toxic exhaust gasses to the rear of the vehicle. But as cars and truck improved in quality, so did their exhaust systems. Today most vehicles come with a stainless steel exhaust – and most of the time it is 400-series stainless steel because it is durable, less prone to cracking over time from vibration and impacts that occur from road hazards. Rust through with aluminized steel can be a huge problem especially in climates where road salt comes on contact with the metal. With 400-series stainless, rust through is not a problem even though a light rust colored film will appear on the outside of the tubing and mufflers over time. Some high-end exhaust systems are offered in 304-series Stainless steel, which retains its silver covering longer than 409-series but is not idea for the main exhaust and muffler components. For that reason, we feel the best performing, most durable and overall best choice is 409-series Stainless steel for any performance exhaust system.


8. My exhaust tips have become dirty with exhaust soot. Can I use a chrome polish to clean them?

Yes, chrome polish will work but a stainless steel polish is actually much better. Your Legato exhaust tips are made from high grade, thick wall, polished 304 stainless steel and as such will need cleaning from time to time. Cleaning them regularly will avoid pitting that can come from long-term neglect. Stainless steel is far better than chrome, which can age and eventually peel off in this high heat environment. Use a micro-fiber towel and stainless steel polish to bring your stainless steel tips back to like new appearance. If your exhaust tip features a drain hole in the bottom of the tip just inside the lip, make sure it is not clogged or the condensation commonly found in exhaust systems will not drain correctly and leave a hard to remove water stain.


9. Will my vehicle be emissions legal after I install a cat-back exhaust? How about with an axle back exhaust?

Both Cat-Back and Axle Back exhaust systems are legal by federal standards as long as the catalytic converters and other emissions equipment are left intact. Legato Performance Exhaust systems work with all stock emissions components. On a few very rare occasions there are regional issues concerning aftermarket exhaust systems. A simple online search with regards to your area will note any unique local limitations with regards to aftermarket exhaust products - (amazingly enough, there are no such regulations in California, New York, New Jersey, or other highly populated states at this time).


10. How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the continental US. All orders are processed in 1-2 business days. Shipping is via Fedex Ground and will take about 2-5 business days depending on the distance.