Exhausting Dilemma: 4 Tips to finding the right exhaust system for your vehicle

Exhausting Dilemma: 4 Tips to finding the right exhaust system for your vehicle

Exhausting dilemma finding the right exhaust system

You bought your vehicle with the intention to make it something special. You love your Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, truck, (fill in the blank), but you don't want it to be just like every other vehicle. It needs to be something unique. It needs to represent you.

Frankly, in terms of bang for the buck, exhaust swapping ranks number one, even before wheel and tire or stereo upgrades. That's because the factory does a great job with wheel and tire combinations that fit without consequence and cutting up your dash for a better sound system requires a PhD in electronics. Yes, exhaust system changes are not only a great upgrade that can really change the way your vehicle sounds, but the way you feel every time you press the start button.

Here are 4 things you need to think about before your shop for a new exhaust:


#1 – Stainless steel systems are the best for any car or truck, late model or other.

For the past 15 years or so, American carmakers have installed stainless steel exhaust systems on all of their vehicles. Stainless steel (SS) is more resistant to outside elements such as water from snow, ice, rain and even condensation. Those classic aluminized steel exhaust aftermarket systems wear quickly with time, heat and salt so they should be avoided. And there is no difference in sound between SS and aluminized exhaust systems, as some would have you believe, so go stainless steel when buying today.


#2 – 90% of all axle back systems and 75% of cat back systems can be installed with no cutting of the factory parts and are easily installed at home on most American muscle cars and trucks.

The exception to this “no cut” in some of the late model Camaro (‘14-’15) and some Mopar kits. With all others, there is usually a natural break in the factory exhaust systems that allows you to unbolt and remove the factory axle back or cat-back exhaust parts. A good system like Legato Performance is designed to attach in the same location with the factory hangers and clamps.


#3 – How loud will my exhaust system be and will drone be issue?

Legato Performance designs its systems to be drone free at all engine RPM. As designed, all of our systems are louder than stock. That said, we take pride in making exhaust parts that are not too loud and to make interior conversations very easy while delivering that cool exterior muscle car tone. Our team of experts has over 100 years of exhaust system experience all dedicated to make sure our products sound great, look good and retain the safety and emissions standards set down as allowable in all 50 states.


#4 – How much maintenance is required to keep my system performing like new?

After you have installed, the kit and adjusted the tip position (slight bending the hanger rods is expected) the only maintenance is to keep the Legato Performance tips clean. There is no internal baffling in the Legato Performance system – the way it sounds when new is the way it will sound ten years from now.

Regardless of the type of vehicle, there will be some exhaust residue on the tips with time. A soft, clean, non-scratching towel with an appropriate amount of non-abrasive stainless steel polish will remove that stain. Regular removal of this debris will make it easier to return it to its high polished factory fresh appearance. As with anything, regular maintenance is king!

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