Q&A. Things Legato Performance wants you to know!

Q&A. Things Legato Performance wants you to know!

Will Installing a Legato Exhaust affect my vehicles original factory warranty?

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 mandates that your vehicle’s warranty cannot be broken by the installation of aftermarket parts unless it can be proven that the part was directly responsible for a vehicle failure. That means that the aftermarket parts sold by Legato Performance are not going to cause any issues for you – long term or short. Bolt up the parts we sell knowing that your car will retain the original warranty coverage – and stay emissions compliant as well.

What tools are required to install a Legato Performance Exhaust?

For most axle back systems, a combination wrench or ratchet with the appropriately sized socket will unbolt the clamp that connects to the rest of the exhaust system. If the system has been on the car or truck a while, some Liquid Wrench or other nut-releasing agent may be helpful. For a few axle back and cat-back systems (i.e. 2014-15 Camaro) there is a need to cut the system from the car. A Sawsall with a new sharp blade is recommended here to cut through the factory tubing. If this cut is required, smoothing the edges of the cut with a metal file will avoid injury.

To remove the rubber isolators from the factory hangers, a pry bar will make the job easy but a screwdriver can be used. Make sure not to poke anything under the car – or your self – during this operation. Both when removing the isolators and reinstalling then, some lubricant such as WD-40 can aid in getting them to slide on and off the hanger.

What is drone?

If you have not experienced drone from your exhaust – consider yourself lucky. Drone is simply an irritating frequency emitted by an exhaust system. It is a result of sound waves generated by exhaust tone and system design. It is generally limited to certain engine rpm bands and can be modulated by the driver shifting into higher or lower gears. Unfortunately, it most often occurs when driving up a grade when the engine is under load or at cruising speeds. If it happens, you will hate driving your vehicle – just the opposite of what you had planned when you installed your aftermarket exhaust. And drone is completely “equal opportunity” – just because you spent big money for your system does not make you drone free. At Legato, we designed out exhaust products to avoid drone of any kind – and as our customers will agree – we have been very successful. I’ll stop here – lest I be accused of “droning on.”

Can I trust your testimonials? Are they real?

Legato Performance is a new company but not without experienced automotive technicians at its core. As a new company, we have important things to prove including the ability to build honest products that produce solid results. As such, you get one chance at credibility. We know that. While other companies may post fake “happy customers” we do not and will not. The people who have said positive things about Legato Performance are real. If we have an issue, we handle it. We are well-funded and not going away. We are in this for the long haul. You can count on that – and outstanding customer service!
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