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Exhaust Installation Tip - Hanger Keeper Retention

Retaining Sanity – and your Legato Performance Exhaust System

With most Legato Performance exhaust systems, there are a number of hanger keepers. These internal tooth lock washers keep the hanger rods from slipping out of the isolators. With Legato exhaust products that use the factory hanger mounts, the exhaust system hanger rods are inserted into the vehicle’s rubberized isolators that reduce the transfer of vibration from the exhaust system to the vehicle chassis.

Our instructions show the proper installation of your Legato Exhaust system. After the hanger rods are inserted into the isolators, the exhaust system is adjusted to make sure the tips are properly positioned and that the exhaust parts are away from any contact with springs, hoses or other chassis components. This adjustment involves bending the hanger rods, in some cases, to achieve this fitment. In many cases, no adjustment is necessary.

Now, with the complete exhaust in place, there is one critical step that will ensure that your exhaust will stay where you put it for the life of the system. As noted, our Hanger Keepers, supplied with the kit, are actually lock washers. They go on the exposed portion of hanger rod that exits the isolator. Once in place, the keeper makes certain that the rod can not slip out of the mount.

To install a hanger keeper is very easy – when you know how. Follow the steps shown below for safe and secure exhaust system placement.

Hanger keeper installation

The exhaust isolators (large white part) and the small inside lock washers (Hanger Keeper) are key to making your exhaust stay where you put it.

Hanger keeper installation

To install the Hanger Keeper, find a socket that is approximately the same outside circumference.

Hanger keeper installation

Place the Hanger Keeper on the open end of the socket with the teeth of the keeper facing down into the socket.

Hanger keeper installation

Line up the Hanger Keeper with the end of the exhaust hanger after sliding the isolator on the rod. This operation usually happens under the vehicle after sliding the opposite end of the isolator over the chassis mounted-hanger rod. In some cases you may want to install the isolator and keeper (before final adjustment) on the exhaust before installation so you can simply slip the full exhaust in place and not have to deal with the lower Hanger Keepers under the vehicle. Remember to adjust the hanger rods before installing the Hanger Keepers.

Hanger keeper installation

It usually takes no more than one light tap from a hammer to start the Hanger Keeper on the hanger rod if everything is lined up correctly. Note that Legato offers two sizes of Hanger Keepers to fit two different hanger rod diameters. If the keeper is too hard to install or the Hanger Keeper slips on too easy, you could have the wrong size.
(Cam – I thought we might have two sizes but have only been able to find one.)

Hanger keeper installation

Adjust the Hanger Keeper after the system is in place. We recommend leaving no more than an inch between the isolator and the keeper. In that way there is no friction on average operation but when needed, the Hanger Keeper will ensure that parts stay put.

*Customer satisfaction with purchased Legato Exhaust Systems can only be guaranteed if the stock system has not been otherwise modified. Note that removal of factory resonators will always result in excessive drone. Use of H-pipes or X-pipes may result in unsatisfactory sound compared to what Legato Performance supplies on an otherwise stock system.