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21 Tips Anyone Interested in an Aftermarket Exhaust should know BEFORE making a purchase!

  Cat Back Exhaust systems can attach in a number of places under the car but most often connect in the middle of the vehicle just back of the catalytic converters. Axle Back Exhaust systems connect after the rear end. They usually slip into the factory break in the tubing but sometimes require cutting of the tubing to install. Not all stainless steel tubing is the same. Both 409 and 304 alloy stainless steel will not rust through in normal use. A 409 stainless steel will pick up a surface rust over time. This condition does not affect the sound or durability of the exhaust A 304 stainless steel exhaust will retain its silver color for the life of the...

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The Top 7 Movie Car Chases By Decade

Typically, the internet is packed with surveys breaking down the best car chase movies. But as with the evolution of movie making, the car chases have we watch today are far different than 50 years ago. So after having spoken with a number of experts in the field – including some original stunt men who started in some of these legacy movies, we have the following list of top movies – by decade.   1950’s Thunder Road – (1958) Missed this one? While it is really all about the motorcycles, this classic Robert Mitchim is based on a returning war hero (Korean War) who comes home to take over the family moonshine business only to have gangsters and local police...

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What You Should Know About Stainless Steel

Not all stainless steel exhaust systems are the same – and that’s a good thing  When it comes to stainless steel materials, not all exhaust systems are equal. Most current aftermarket exhaust systems are made of two alloys – 409SS and 304SS. In a purely simplistic manner, most exhaust tips are made from 304 and highly polished to give that attractive shiny “bling.” A 409 stainless steel is more dull steel and used for mufflers and exhaust tubing. Both materials are great for exhaust systems but they have very different properties. A 304 stainless steel contains more chromium than 409 and thus can be polished to a high shine – not unlike a chrome bumper. It is harder and more...

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Why A Chambered Muffler Design Is The Right Choice

  So when you read a blog post or some ad copy on an exhaust system, it will often refer to  a “chambered” muffler designs. For the record, there are a number of other muffler types from straight through to glass pack to any other type you can think of. All are built with the idea of dampening the sound emitted from an internal combustion engine. A chambered muffler design refers to, in most cases, a containment “box” that uses a series of deflectors within the muffler to direct the air flow – and sound. With Legato Performance, we position the deflectors to reflect the sound around inside the case and cause it to cancel itself out – to some...

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Exhausting Dilemma: 4 Tips to finding the right exhaust system for your vehicle

You bought your vehicle with the intention to make it something special. You love your Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, truck, (fill in the blank), but you don't want it to be just like every other vehicle. It needs to be something unique. It needs to represent you. Frankly, in terms of bang for the buck, exhaust swapping ranks number one, even before wheel and tire or stereo upgrades. That's because the factory does a great job with wheel and tire combinations that fit without consequence and cutting up your dash for a better sound system requires a PhD in electronics. Yes, exhaust system changes are not only a great upgrade that can really change the way your vehicle sounds, but the...

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*Customer satisfaction with purchased Legato Exhaust Systems can only be guaranteed if the stock system has not been otherwise modified. Note that removal of factory resonators will always result in excessive drone. Use of H-pipes or X-pipes may result in unsatisfactory sound compared to what Legato Performance supplies on an otherwise stock system.