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How to Form an Opinion about Exhausts

Tips to picking the right exhaust for you So you’ve decided to buy an exhaust system for your vehicle. If you’ve never done so before, you probably know someone who has made this upgrade or you happened to be down at the dealer when a modified car or truck like yours rolled by. Whatever your motivation, it’s a great idea. If you have made such a purchase in the past, the first thing you want to consider before purchase is how loud the exhaust will be once installed. Will it be so loud that it drones you out of the vehicle or makes it impossible to talk to a passenger or listen to the radio? In addition, you’ll want to...

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Resonator vs. Muffler – and what you need to know if you change your exhaust

There are plenty of technical terms in the automotive world, few are misunderstood more than a resonator. Ask ten people and nine of them won’t get it right. In fact a resonator, which is NOT a muffler, does an important job in exhaust system. After all, just think of the amount of time invested by the factory to insert this device in most modern vehicles. They wouldn’t do anything unless there is a solid tech reason that warrants such a move.To begin our discussion, it is critical to understand what a muffler does. As most would agree, a muffler quiets exhaust noise. Regardless of the muffler’s internal design (i.e. chambered, glass pack, turbo, etc.) it must reduce the sound of...

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Not all Cars are Created Equal - Mustang and Camaro Exhaust Systems

Recently we found variances in some factory Mustang and Camaro systems – for any install requiring cutting of the factory exhaust, please read this!As with any product, companies strive to build the best possible products when they are initially launched. But after a while, there may be running changes that cause the product to fit differently than the original build. From that standpoint, any aftermarket products, which connect to these vehicles, may also require changes. Recently we noticed that our kits for the late model Camaro and Mustang require a slightly different connection point in comparison to our original instructions. Case in point, on the 2014-15 Camaro system, our instructions state that the installer make a cut 9.5-inches back of...

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Ford F-150 Truck Exhaust System Options

An “exact” science? Everyone loves trucks – especially when you have to haul something around. But most trucks from the factory come with a very sedate exhaust tone. That’s because the manufacturers figure that none of these owners really want to hear their exhaust- unless they are driving a Raptor and those guys can’t get enough.So let’s categorize the typical truck exhaust groups  Stock exhaust sound These folks don't ever want to hear their exhaust. It's a nuisance and the have no time for that. None of those guys will ever read this blog so we wont spend any more time here.  Wild in the Streets For some hot rod truckers, the more sound the better. Drone be damned. For...

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The 8 Critical Tools of Exhaust Work

Legato Performance offers kits for a wide range of applications from Camaros and Challengers to Ford Mustangs and F150’s. By far, the hardest part of any installation is the removal of the original exhaust. If your vehicle is under five years old, dealing with corrosion and general under chassis dirt will be easier than if your system has had time to settle in place. Regardless, often the factory system requires significant force to “dislodge” from your vehicle. Here are some of the tools that will make your installation that much easier. For vehicles that are driven in snow or experience road salt, it is recommended to squirt a little penetrating oil on the clamps and joints the night before you...

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*Customer satisfaction with purchased Legato Exhaust Systems can only be guaranteed if the stock system has not been otherwise modified. Note that removal of factory resonators will always result in excessive drone. Use of H-pipes or X-pipes may result in unsatisfactory sound compared to what Legato Performance supplies on an otherwise stock system.