Why Our

So the most common question we hear is: - If your parts are so good, why are your prices so low?

To that DIRECT question there are several answers that all point to lower prices.

First, we do make great exhaust products. We offer the same gauge 409 stainless steel exhaust system as the well known companies offer but better-than-most 4-inch diameter, 304 SS Double walled exhaust tips (most of the big companies offer only a single wall, 3.5-inch tips). All of our bends are mandrel formed as opposed to the compression bent tubing commonly used in OE exhaust.  Compression bends reduce the internal diameter of the tubing reducing flow. OUR EXHAUST SYSTEM MAINTAINS THE SAME DIAMETER AS THE REST OF THE TUBING THROUGHOUT THE CURVATURE OF THE BEND THEREBY REDUCING BACK FLOW.

Finally, and most importantly, our mufflers deliver a muscle car sound like no other. We make kits exclusively for V8 engines (with the exception of our Ford truck kits which fit both V6 and V8 engines) because we want the best muscle car sound possible. There is NO WAY to do that with a V6  (and that is why we don’t offer a V6 Legato Kit.).

So that leads back to the reason for this blog – why are we so REASONABLY PRICED?

Because we go direct to the customer.

Why should you pay for each person in a chain of distribution who each make money on you? Think about it. If you were to buy a Legato Performance system from a local auto parts store or installer, they would take 15-25% for their stocking and handling costs. That’s money out of your pocket.



But it doesn’t stop there. The retailer generally has the product shipped to them from a Wholesale Distributor (WD) – another 20-25% goes to the WD not including the cost of shipping from the manufacturer to the WD and then on to the retailer/jobber. When you add in the fact that we charge NOTHING for shipping, the cost of doing business direct could save you as much as 70-80%!

Furthermore, we keep our prices low by not having to incur additional costs that add to the price of the product. We won’t attend trade shows like SEMA and PRI simply because they are added costs you don’t need to pay. Most companies that attend these shows spend $50,000 to $150,000 to attend. The purpose of these shows is to encourage other professional retailers and WD buyers to take on their products. That just adds cost to you.The ONLY BUYER we need is you and we certainly don’t need to pass along that $150,000 cost to you!

Legato Performance saves you money delivering a high quality, great fitting – and GREAT SOUNDING exhaust system for less – and we intend to keep it that way!

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Cat Back Exhaust

Instant gratification!!! This is thee exhaust system you want if you're looking for the muscle car sound.

Thanks for the awesome review!! We're so excited you love our product :)

Very nice quality and sound

2013 F150 5.0 4 door Supercab.
The exhaust system was a direct fit without having to cut any of the pipe supplied. Everything fit right together like you'd expect. You'll probably need to use an impact driver on the clamps. They need to be very tight to support the exhaust tips or that section will slip down. I hit it with my 1/2 impact and it's sturdy and staying put. No exhaust leaks. This is not loud at all and I'm glad. You can hear it through the RPM range while listening to the radio quietly but it's not loud enough to disturb the neighbors. At highway cruising speed, you can slightly hear it. It'll wake up if you step on it. Just what I wanted. Quiet enough while cruising but very audible while accelerating. Would prefer black tips but I can paint these.

Not as aggressive as the videos

Not the sound I was expecting.Not much louder than the stock exhaust. I’m going with a different exhaust system to get the sound I’m looking for.

Great quality for the price

The packaging for the expedition is bullet proof(and I like it), the quality of the parts is great and the instructions for the instalation are clear and easy to understand.

I have 2 points to note.
1: I don’t have the 3/8 bolts for the instalation of the truck exaust to the Legato Exaust.
2: I take 15-20 minutes to identify each part for installation. After that, it’s easy to install

For resume, great kit for the price. A little bit loud on highway cruise, but I like that!

I had it professionally installed in about 2 hours.
It was everything I expected.Gives my challenger a nice rumble without being to loud.The drone is minimal as a lot of the other reviews have stated.Im really happy with this exhaust kit

Added some Breathing Bass

Instructions were on point with the cuts at a good spot an install was good, Sounds a lot better with a deeper tone which I like, now with cam Headers an 2650 Its a lot of pressure breathing out those Legato's an holding well noe for 5 years strong! Great choice! Recommended for sure!

HOW IS MY EXHAUST?! I NEVER RECEIVED IT AND YOU IDIOTS TOOK OUT ANOTHER $420 from my bank account. I promise I am going to sue you. Watch!!

Nice exhaust

Nice system installation was easy seems to be good quality my only complaint is a slight drone right around the shift point on normal driving 1800 rpm’s


This is the easiest exhaust I have ever done. I cut the old exhaust off in 15 minutes, had the new one hung in 45 minutes. Awesome sound. Love it. Thank you

Missing hardware. Bad customer service.

Bought this exhaust for my 2008 f150. When it arrived it was missing all of the clamps and hardware. Also the website mentioned that all of the exhaust pipes had plastic caps in them to prevent the tubing from being damaged during shipping but there were none of those clamps in any of my exhaust pipes and one of the pipes was crushed at the end. I tried to email and call Legato and even left a message and they never got back to me. Ended up paying to get the exhaust welded up because I couldn’t get ahold of Legato to sent me the clamps and hardware. Horrible QC and horrible customer service but 2 stars because the exhaust did have the sound that I was looking for.

Human Error understandable but a Hassle…

In fact I’m not satisfied at all because its not the right system for my car.. my mechanic thinks it’s for a Charger… And I will be contacting Legato to resolve this Issue, and I hope Legato will reach out to me….

So far so good

Perfect. went on my FX4 with no problems. Just ha to get the right hangers and everything went as planned.


Sounds good and easy to install. Only complaint is the rear hanger on left side that you bolt to the frame is shaped like an L instead of a C so exhaust is not hanging correctly

Great value and quality build

The exhaust sounds comparable to flowmaster super 44, just a bit deeper. Notice an increase in performance and no drop in fuel economy. Overall I love the fit finish and sound! Would highly recommend this exhaust!


Sounds amazing fast shipping great price for a boot on system. Definitely but again for a newer truck in the future.

Sounds amazing

The pipes fit perfectly I put a y pipe in place of the muffler and I love the sound

Legato exhaust

Awesome easy installation

Poor communication

Ordered cat back on 9-1 with draw on my checking account on 9-2 and 11 days later still haven't received my tracking number. First communication stated I would receive tracking number via email in 5 days. Still nothing.

Great price

One of few businesses that offers exactly what they advertise. Would recommend

Order has not been fulfilled.

Dispite the emails saying that my order has shipped, and been fulfilled, I have not received my order.

Decent system

Checked the box to make sure everything was there. I checked the instructions and only had one page when there should have been a few. Had to use a file to file down burs where the slots were made on the muffler to get it to slide over the 3 inch pipe all the way. Tighten all the clamps by hand, but couldn't get the clamps on the muffler to seal. I had to keep repositioning the clamps and used an impact gun on very low setting to get a seal. Also on muffler, dont know if it was left there to help drain moisture, but on one of the 2.5 outlets there is a hole in one of the welds. Decent system for the price and I'm content with the quality of sound.


I am so pleased with this system. My car sounds so good and is running great. ALSO the precision and ease of install and the appearance are unrivaled, I feel like I got a super deal compared to any other system on the market. DM

In the dark.

Had factory axle backs installed at 1,200.00 when purchased in 2015, going to order these and they should fit right in ,about a half hour.